What is most exciting to me about Vedic Astrology is that it is a not only a Solar calendar with the usual 12 sun constellations it is also a Lunar calendar with 27 additional constellations known as Nakshatras.  It is more of an intricate and detailed story of the path of the planets around the ecliptic.  What is even more incredible is that each one of these Nakshatras are represented by a different Goddess!  That’s right, with Vedic Astrology we don’t just have a Sun-centric patriarchal representation of the stars, we also have the overlay of the feminine moon Goddess energy!  This just makes the sky so much more juicy!  [Read More...]

  • The Return of QuetzalCuddle

    ***Venus Rising***

    As Venus comes closer to the Earth this May through July of 2012
    SO DO WE
    Nestled in the heavens in it’s sweet home of Taurus
    We find time for deeper connections
    From Evening to Morning Star Rise
    ***A Snuggle Mix!***
    For all those Twinkles in your Eyes

    ***Transit dates were derived from astronomical data which differs from western astrology which is based on the tropical zodiac. To find out where your planets actually were when you were born simply subtract is 23 degrees from your western birth chart***

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  •  Private Kundalini Yoga with Sharu

    Are you ready for a serious step in the direction of profound evolution and transformation?  Private Kundalini Yoga sessions with Sharu are incredibly precise and specialized in delivering exactly what you need at the pace that you can handle.  You will not only walk away with knowing what you need to do to live from your highest potential, but you will also have the tangible experience of wielding your own inner alchemical power!

  • My Vedic Astrology reading with Sharu opened me up to the vast wisdom of Vedic Astrology. I now understand the potentials and opportunities for this year ahead, as well as the wider context of my soul’s evolution under the current dasa, or period of life. I can now glimpse the unfolding of my dharma and purpose as a sacred narrative of which I am blessed to participate.

    ~Verdaluz~ Author, Astrologer, Musician  SoulAlchemyAstrology.com

  • Vedic Astro*Cartography

    Imagine there was a best place in the world that could support your prosperity and evolution. Imagine there was a place that would most suitably align you with success in career, relationship or finances. Vedic Astro*Cartography is an unparalleled tool to advise you on the best global influences for anything you wish to cultivate in your life.  With the ancient knowledge and wisdom of Vedic Astrology, with precision and accuracy, we not only see WHERE but also WHEN the Karmas of your life will manifest! Schedule a reading today to find out the evolution of your dreams and where in the world it will happen!




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